Though the branches are now reaching far and wide but one must always acknowledge the roots. The roots of We Can We Will can be traced down to Vidyalaya, our 1st location at Sai Baba Temple at Kandivali where we proudly impact over 300 kids. For better results and analysis we have divided them into 4 groups. The tutelage begins at 7:00 am and ends at 11:00 am, the time which we spend with kids focuses on the overall development of the kid. Our main motto is to provide them with skills and knowledge that wouldn’t be focussed upon in schools in a fun and interactive way. We firmly believe that It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men, therefore, the kids are taught and even given a platform to perform and showcase their talent with the help of our skilled and trained volunteers and educators. Click here for the location.

Food Distribution

There are genuinely sufficient resources in the world to ensure that no one, nowhere, at no time, should go hungry.” Ed Asner. At We Can We Will Team food continuously thrives to provide basic nutrition to every segment of society. We serve food at Bhabrekar Nagar, Shatabdi Hospital and Siddharth Hospital as these government hospitals are occupied by patients and their relatives which find it difficult to afford anything beyond the food that the hospital provides. Some patients are from outskirts and its impossible for their relatives to be by their side at this gruesome hour, therefore, our volunteers give them food, spend some time with them and ask about their well being. At Bhabrekar Nagar we serve food to around 100 people at a subsidized rate of Rs.1, to labourers, auto drivers, construction workers, etc, this is our regular activity since past 2 years, on every Sunday. We have impacted more than 50,000 people through meals for past 2 years. Click here, here and here for the locations.


It all started with our team member going to a temple and meeting the underprivileged kids nearby who were very enthusiastic about learning and without bidding an eyelid We Can We Will’s family got extended to its 5th location. October 2018. With the initial number of students being 7, we’ve successfully impacted 74 kids so far. Currently, we teach the kids inside a garden (Manoranjan Maidan). We proudly welcome 3-4 new kids on average every Sunday with proudly extending our family at Gyanjyot to 74 kids and counting. Living in slums and going to government schools obstructs their ability to unleash their potential. We, at Gyanjyot, make sure that they are equally concentrating on their skills and turning them into strengths for their bright future. First, we start with prayers followed by our curriculum is based on two main things - basic education and creative extracurricular activities like drawing, craft, dance, etc.Click here for the location.

Safety Reflectors on Dividers

Poorly-marked Dividers are terribly designed, and these bumpy contraptions can take credit for rattling your bones and putting your lives at risk. There are thousands of commuters traveling day and night, but due to excessive traffic and maintenance of street lights and low quality of colors, which make dividers not visible to the commuters, there are daily occurrences of accidents, both big and small. We began pasting Safety Reflectors on the unmarked speed breakers and dividers in several areas including Borivali and Kandivali of Mumbai to help motorists spot them at night. So far the group has covered approximately 100 plus dividers in Mumbai Suburbs. We believe that if you have the idea and are ready to put in the required efforts, then you shouldn't wait for the government to take action.


Every Sunday morning the kids at Dutt Mandir near Eskay Resort will be bustling with kids of all age groups, who live in a slum nearby to attend their favorite sessions of the week. For a newbie, it will just be a regular temple right opposite the famous Link Road at Borivali, but if one introspects further beyond the holy walls there’ll be an entire basti of varied underprivileged kids for whom this temple turns into their beloved pathshala. As its famously quoted Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know, we, at Pathshala enlighten the kids with knowledge beyond textbooks with the help of various workshops for the kids at parents alike. We not only focus on molding their creative minds but also ensure they have a firm grasp on their basics in studies. Age never defines knowledge, therefore, the kids are not taught according to their standards but are divided according to levels which help in analyzing the results better and even pushes their bar - one step at a time. Click here for the location.


In Gurukul, a location near Gorai dumping ground we focus on throwing light on the much-needed topics of society that kids need to know to survive in this world, and also design learning ways in a creative manner which makes the subject all the more interesting. The icing on the cake is, that we have been successful in gathering and imparting knowledge to more than 30 of these beautiful kids! We always make the kids believe that it doesn’t matter from where you come, education gives you the wings to fly where your heart desire and the best thing about education is that no one can take it away from you. Click here for the location.

Mother Teresa School

We conduct lectures at Mother Teresa High School on alternate Saturdays for 5th - 10th Standard, we cover those topics which aren’t covered in their academics but are very necessary for them to know. As of now we have conducted sessions on - Communication Skills Art abd its influence to Human Minds Power of Habit Strees/Time Management Importance of Reading Safety & Self Care Public Speaking & Stage Fear Social Awarenes Money Management Healing Techniques Cyber Crime Wonders of Nature Cultivating Hobbies Electrical & Carpentry Vedic Maths Street Smartness Stage Fear Food and Nutrition Importance of Outdoor Activities As of now we have received very nice response from the school’s management and kids, the attendance on Saturday’s has risen up. The kids have shown a lot of interest and are really very participative. In this way the kids get connected to much more young generation and relate better, they even share many things with us which they are not comfortable to share with anyone else. Click here for the location.


Iken Scientific provides a platform for students to establish a connection between curricular knowledge and practical application, experiment with what they've been taught and showcase their scientific talents and skills.