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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world and the most effective way to break out of the cycle of poverty. Yet, after 74 years of Independence, majority of the children still remain out-of-school in India. These children are not only deprived of their right to receive an education but they lose their childhood to earn bread for a living. When there is major imbalance, NGO’s exists to balance the sea saw. We Can We Will Foundation (WCWW) plays a significant role in ensuring every child especially the poor receive the opportunity to build a better future through education. The foundations aims at strengthening the education system from grass root level, spread awareness about the importance of education and enroll as many children as possible so they can thrive in life.

As a result, the NGO has launched Education Campaigns. The project are absolutely at no cost for the kids. The expenses to run these projects are sponsored and supported by Donors / Educators /Volunteers and Vendors.

    NGO works through contributions and you too can support us and change a child's life forever. While supporting a cause, you will also save tax. You can donate by providing study material or by Cheque. You can also adopt one child and sponsor for a month or a year. When you donate to We Can We Will Foundation, you help us:
    • Enrolling more number of students for education
    • Create more awareness and counselling to the parents in encouraging them to send their children to pursue their education
    • Provide them with professional paid teachers which in turn will help in child’s development with quality education.
    • Providing the necessary resources and study material for their day to day studies.
    • All of this can be achieved when we work together. You can be a part of this change. A monthly contribution can help families break out of poverty. When crores of children are out-of-school, contributions from generous individuals like you can make their dream of going to school a reality. You too can help children build a better future for themselves and our nation. Donate today to an NGO like We Can We Will Foundation and be a part of a movement. Gift a child education.