12A & 80G Certified

Hunger Care

There are genuinely sufficient resources in the world to ensure that no one, nowhere, at no time, should go hungry.” Ed Asner. At We Can We Will Team food continuously thrives to provide basic nutrition to every segment of society. We serve food at Bhabrekar Nagar, Shatabdi Hospital and Siddharth Hospital as these government hospitals are occupied by patients and their relatives which find it difficult to afford anything beyond the food that the hospital provides. Some patients are from outskirts and its impossible for their relatives to be by their side at this gruesome hour, therefore, our volunteers give them food, spend some time with them and ask about their well being. At Bhabrekar Nagar we serve food to around 100 people at a subsidized rate of Rs.1, to labourers, auto drivers, construction workers, etc, this is our regular activity since past 2 years, on every Sunday. We have impacted more than 50,000 people through meals for past 2 years.

Bhabrekar Nagar

Our very first location where we started with idli stall. We serve food to around 100 people with 500 idlis every Sunday with a hope that people may get to start a day with sufficient and positive energy. After paying respect to mother nation with National Anthem, we start the stall along with maintaining hygiene with providing sanitizer to every person and proper garbage disposal. Along with food distribution, we try to come up with activities like teaching them basic English communication skills which may help in fight illiteracy rate. We give free idlis to BMC workers as a appreciation from our end towards their hardwork.

Shatabdi Hospital food distribution

Hospital is a place where no one goes by choice. In cases of hospitalization of loved ones, even the family members and the relatives suffer with them. The appeasement on their faces for having a stall of idli at subsided price of Rs.1 right outside hospital makes us fell the worth of our Sundays. We serve around 100-120 people including the staff of the hospital, who enjoys our idlis.

Shatabdi Hospital fruit distribution

Bananas are a great source of energy and contains a lot of nutritional values. Being in hospital makes the patient feel weak, physically and mentally. With the fact that banana is way to digest, we give 2 bananas per patient with a hope that we can try to lower their physical and mental pain. With a smile on our face when we say GET WELL SOON, we do see their face smiling bright saying thank you for being considerate. We serve around 200 patients on every 1st and 4th Sunday.

Gorai Dumping Ground

This is a place where all the waste is being dumped, there are around 80+ workers who work to segregate our garbage for a living. The least what we could do in return is appreciate them by free meals every sundays, to bring some Happiness and smiles on their faces