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Humanity is full of emotions. Value of life,Human Nature,Humbleness,Kindness,Love, Compassion,Etc. Not towards human life but towards animals, Nature also.Which makes us Human. Reason for supporting this group (WE CAN WE WILL FDN) all are Youngesters, Selflessly helping Humanity. Helping in many forms feeding to hungry,supplying food stuffs to needy,most importantly Education to kids who cannot afford studies. That's really Priceless support to Humanity. Specially in this Pandamic time each and every single day they served food to hungry, education they didn't stopped for kids.This group started with online classes.In whatever best from them they are doing till the date..Really this is called Humanity according to me.Without fearing of there health. Just one thing to say in LIFE if getting any chance to do good for Humanity never leave or never miss that opportunity.After doing one good thing for good cause as a Human see how we feel Peaceful,how we feel happiness.That makes us Human.

Gaurav Karnawat

One fine Sunday Saw this Volunteers Teaching all the kids of Eskay Village and that touched our hearts. So this is how our journey started with We Can We Will. These Youngters are doing Great Job and we as a responsible citizens feel we should help them in this noble cause in whichever manner we can. With a dream to do something for the society, we did our part.

Muchhala Parivar - Donor

When these teenagers came together and decided to do something for the society, they needed resources, a place (to teach underprivileged kids), finance etc. All they had with them was a strong will power which one can easily notice and hence I will always be there to help them financially. We always speak that children from this generation are our future, so to keep them going we all must support them in this initiative to make our country’s bright future.

Meena Kundanani – Donor

I feel very grateful in volunteering and donating for this initiative as it comes directly from my heart. Hence I feel very nice to help whatever least I can.

Maheshwari Domala – Donor & Volunteer (Food Team)

Poverty cannot be vanished, but you can always try to create an environment where we can make people happy by monetary or non-monetary means. We must treat everyone equally and make this society a better place to live.

Hiten Sarvaiya – Donor & CA Consultant (We Can We Will Foundation)

All human beings have an inbuilt nature to help others but are unable to find a platform most of the times. We Can We Will Foundation (WCWW) is a very different place, I really like the way the team works but unfortunately due to time constraints I am not able to work with them physically but with help of my contribution to the NGO, I touch many lives via WCWW team.

Bhavin Mehta – Donor

In this world of modernisation and globalisation where people don't have time for their personal life's...in such scenerio kudos to all you guys who have taken so much efforts for removing time and coming forward to help the society in such a great manner..People consider doctors as God for treating them in illness..but you all are neither less as you'll help them in dealing with their routine difficulties.. Lastly people think of doing social service once they retire in life..but you all are doing this at such young age are really angels sent by god on earth.. I am happy to be associated with you all in some way or the other.. Great work..keep it up👍

Chintan Maru - Supporter