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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world and the most effective way to break out of the cycle of poverty. Yet, after 74 years of Independence, majority of the children still remain out-of-school in India. These children are not only deprived of their right to receive an education but they lose their childhood to earn bread for a living. When there is major imbalance, NGO’s exists to balance the sea saw. We Can We Will Foundation (WCWW) plays a significant role in ensuring every child especially the poor receive the opportunity to build a better future through education. The foundations aims at strengthening the education system from grass root level, spread awareness about the importance of education and enroll as many children as possible so they can thrive in life.

As a result, the NGO has launched Education Campaigns. The project are absolutely at no cost for the kids. The expenses to run these projects are sponsored and supported by Donors / Educators /Volunteers and Vendors.

    NGO works through contributions and you too can support us and change a child's life forever. While supporting a cause, you will also save tax. You can donate by providing study material or by Cheque. You can also adopt one child and sponsor for a month or a year. When you donate to We Can We Will Foundation, you help us:
    • Enrolling more number of students for education
    • Create more awareness and counselling to the parents in encouraging them to send their children to pursue their education
    • Provide them with professional paid teachers which in turn will help in child’s development with quality education.
    • Providing the necessary resources and study material for their day to day studies.
    • All of this can be achieved when we work together. You can be a part of this change. A monthly contribution can help families break out of poverty. When crores of children are out-of-school, contributions from generous individuals like you can make their dream of going to school a reality. You too can help children build a better future for themselves and our nation. Donate today to an NGO like We Can We Will Foundation and be a part of a movement. Gift a child education.

      This project was launched 3 years ago in September 2017, where we started teaching underprivileged children in Kandivali, Borivali and Dahisar areas. We have successfully launched total 6 six schools and around 300+ kids have been registered under this project. Our team of young educators physically come every Sunday to provide children with free care, counselling, tutoring and mentoring.


      Though the branches are now reaching far and wide but one must always acknowledge the roots. The roots of We Can We Will can be traced down to Vidyalaya, our 1st location at Sai Baba Temple at Kandivali where we proudly impact over 300 kids. For better results and analysis we have divided them into 4 groups. The tutelage begins at 7:00 am and ends at 11:00 am, the time which we spend with kids focuses on the overall development of the kid. Our main motto is to provide them with skills and knowledge that wouldn’t be focussed upon in schools in a fun and interactive way. We firmly believe that It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men, therefore, the kids are taught and even given a platform to perform and showcase their talent with the help of our skilled and trained volunteers and educators. Click here for the location.


      Iken Scientific provides a platform for students to establish a connection between curricular knowledge and practical application, experiment with what they've been taught and showcase their scientific talents and skills.


      In Gurukul, a location near Gorai dumping ground we focus on throwing light on the much-needed topics of society that kids need to know to survive in this world, and also design learning ways in a creative manner which makes the subject all the more interesting. The icing on the cake is, that we have been successful in gathering and imparting knowledge to more than 30 of these beautiful kids! We always make the kids believe that it doesn’t matter from where you come, education gives you the wings to fly where your heart desire and the best thing about education is that no one can take it away from you. Click here for the location.


      Every Sunday morning the kids at Dutt Mandir near Eskay Resort will be bustling with kids of all age groups, who live in a slum nearby to attend their favorite sessions of the week. For a newbie, it will just be a regular temple right opposite the famous Link Road at Borivali, but if one introspects further beyond the holy walls there’ll be an entire basti of varied underprivileged kids for whom this temple turns into their beloved pathshala. As its famously quoted Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know, we, at Pathshala enlighten the kids with knowledge beyond textbooks with the help of various workshops for the kids at parents alike. We not only focus on molding their creative minds but also ensure they have a firm grasp on their basics in studies. Age never defines knowledge, therefore, the kids are not taught according to their standards but are divided according to levels which help in analyzing the results better and even pushes their bar - one step at a time. Click here for the location.


      It all started with our team member going to a temple and meeting the underprivileged kids nearby who were very enthusiastic about learning and without bidding an eyelid We Can We Will’s family got extended to its 5th location. October 2018. With the initial number of students being 7, we’ve successfully impacted 74 kids so far. Currently, we teach the kids inside a garden (Manoranjan Maidan). We proudly welcome 3-4 new kids on average every Sunday with proudly extending our family at Gyanjyot to 74 kids and counting. Living in slums and going to government schools obstructs their ability to unleash their potential. We, at Gyanjyot, make sure that they are equally concentrating on their skills and turning them into strengths for their bright future. First, we start with prayers followed by our curriculum is based on two main things - basic education and creative extracurricular activities like drawing, craft, dance, etc.Click here for the location.

      Bandar Pakhadi Municipal School

      “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. We believe that along with academics, students should also be exposed to various other extracurricular activities. At our Municipal School location, the day starts with an energetic session of dance for the students of 9th and 10th, followed by one to one teaching. We aim at helping them excel in their academics and pass out with flying colours. To attain this goal of ours, we also help the students after their school hours with additional lectures throughout the week.

      Anandibai Damodar Kale School

      The students of this school don't receive teaching according to the class they are studying and so we at We Can We Will Foundation implemented one to one mentoring for these kids whose class range from 5th to 9th for 2 hours every sunday. Along with helping them academically, we try to encourage extra curricular abilities by taking dance sessions for 1 hour daily. 3 hours of our time here at this location helps the child explore his/her abilities along with concentrating on studies.

      Turning Point

      This project was launched 3 years back in June 2017. The project includes only STD 9th & 10th Students whom we educate and provide them with all the necessary resources. Every child can learn but not the same day and same way, Hence we as an Ngo have taken a step forward to provide these kids a support in education with help of professional teachers (paid and unpaid) on daily basis at our office premises and prepare them for their board exams in the month of Feb-March of the year.

      Kids from poor financially backward family or with poor results get in touch with us every year for support and we ensure understanding their weaknesses and issues they face and boost them with continuous knowledge. Every year around 10 kids enroll themselves for this project and pass out with good results.

      As these kids are on their last year of schooling hence, we have named it as Turning point. We make sure to do our work with full dedication and positive vibe.


      This project was launched on 19th June 2020. GROWTH is a project that leaps forward from our Every Sunday education activity and help us set new targets and take education to a whole new level.

      GROWTH shall ascertain to fill the gap by providing the resources and attention for kids who are dedicated and have a wide perception, and have been waiting to take in more knowledge and understanding with respect to their surrounding but are lacking with such resources and attention which can assist them in achieving new heights. The project not only provides the resources but also has a Plan by the core team which shall act as a road map to reach the destination by conducting the education activity on daily basis from Mon to Sun for a pre designed period of 6 months. From very basic fundamentals to Practical learning like Computer, Robotics and Banking shall be a part of the project to give them an understanding with respect to such world in which they will have to dealt in.

      It shall and will act as a bridge to strengthen their basics and also introduce to the subjects which are somewhere lacking in their current curriculum.

      The project is all about helping them Grow and take a step above.

      Dealing with COVID -19’s situation, education has been impacted severely all across the world. Especially for rural schools and specifically govt rural schools due to lack of digital infrastructure (Computers, Projectors etc) hence several non-governmental organizations – NGO’s are adapting online teaching methods to ensure continuity in education. With the tight budgets and high demands that NGOs have, our contribution can make all the difference — so that they can make a difference to the world in return.

      Project E –Learning: This project was launched by Mid June 2020 where our team of educators are providing education to around 100 kids on daily basis which includes our WCWW registered kids. We are also collaborating with other NGO’s and are targeting to reach as many more students as possible for providing education. Our educators also update individual remarks in our Software (Learning Development Software) so that we can monitor the child’s progress and generate individual reports.

      Project E – Reach: This project was launched by 1st week of August 2020. We have collaborated with Thakur College of Engineering and Technology – Mumbai (TCET) for this project. Around 150 educators have been registered and are providing online education to around 150 kids across Mumbai which includes kids registered under We Can We Will Foundation and other NGO’s as well. These kids are from STD 8th to STD 10th and TCET Educators are helping them in covering their school curriculum since the schools are currently closed due to COVID -19.

Manavta- Service to Humanity

We Can We Will Foundation began in the year September 2016. Since then, the foundation has been serving to our society with different projects like Hunger Care & Education. Around 350+ children are being taught every Sunday with academics and extra-curricular activities like Dance, Skating, Karate, Singing etc. In 2019. The foundation decided to give an opportunity to showcase their talent on stage which would help give a platform to perform with confidence.

Manavta - 2019

We Can We Will celebrated its 3rd year anniversary with first ever Annual Day program “Manavta 2K19 – Service to Humanity”!!

Around 200 kids performed with enthusiasm and full energy in front of approx. 1000 audience attending the event to motivate and boost these kids. The event was held at Prabodhan Thackrey Hall (Borivali West) and around 50+ volunteers were part in organizing the whole event.

The event began with lighting the lamp by distinguish guest, Mr. Mahendra Daga - A Philanthropist, Mrs. Shraddha Mehta – Principal of Mother Teresa School & Mr. Pradeep More - Training Manager & Counsellor of disabled hearing and speaking people.

It was very delightful and mesmerizing for We Can We Will Family to see all the performances of the kids who were dressed in different costumes. The acts were practiced and rehearsed for continuous 3 months along with their regular studies.

Virtual Manavta 2020

This completes its 4 years of journey in servicing humanity. The journey has been very mesmerizing and with all your support we have been able to grow and come this far !!!! 🥳🥳🥳

This year due to Covid 19 we couldnt held the event but since we are named as We Can We Will 😄😄 nothing is impossible and we tried our level best to have this mini Manavta event happen virtually and around 45-50 people had joined the celebrations!!! Our Core team, Backend team, logistics team, food and beverage team, Our online team, our off ground team and our kids had worked very hard non stop for 2 days to make it happen !!! Even after technical errors and network goof ups, we kept going which truly showed the spirit and positivity of each one of them who were a part of the event !!!

Bhabrekar Nagar

Our very first location where we started with idli stall. We serve food to around 100 people with 500 idlis every Sunday with a hope that people may get to start a day with sufficient and positive energy. After paying respect to mother nation with National Anthem, we start the stall along with maintaining hygiene with providing sanitizer to every person and proper garbage disposal. Along with food distribution, we try to come up with activities like teaching them basic English communication skills which may help in fight illiteracy rate. We give free idlis to BMC workers as a appreciation from our end towards their hardwork.

Shatabdi Hospital food distribution

Hospital is a place where no one goes by choice. In cases of hospitalization of loved ones, even the family members and the relatives suffer with them. The appeasement on their faces for having a stall of idli at subsided price of Rs.1 right outside hospital makes us fell the worth of our Sundays. We serve around 100-120 people including the staff of the hospital, who enjoys our idlis.

Shatabdi Hospital fruit distribution

Bananas are a great source of energy and contains a lot of nutritional values. Being in hospital makes the patient feel weak, physically and mentally. With the fact that banana is way to digest, we give 2 bananas per patient with a hope that we can try to lower their physical and mental pain. With a smile on our face when we say GET WELL SOON, we do see their face smiling bright saying thank you for being considerate. We serve around 200 patients on every 1st and 4th Sunday.

Gorai Dumping Ground

This is a place where all the waste is being dumped, there are around 80+ workers who work to segregate our garbage for a living. The least what we could do in return is appreciate them by free meals every sundays, to bring some Happiness and smiles on their faces

Safety Reflectors on Dividers

Poorly-marked Dividers are terribly designed, and these bumpy contraptions can take credit for rattling your bones and putting your lives at risk. There are thousands of commuters traveling day and night, but due to excessive traffic and maintenance of street lights and low quality of colors, which make dividers not visible to the commuters, there are daily occurrences of accidents, both big and small. We began pasting Safety Reflectors on the unmarked speed breakers and dividers in several areas including Borivali and Kandivali of Mumbai to help motorists spot them at night. So far the group has covered approximately 100 plus dividers in Mumbai Suburbs. We believe that if you have the idea and are ready to put in the required efforts, then you shouldn't wait for the government to take action.